Unlocking the Potential of Critical & Strategic Metals

Aterian is a multi-commodity, multi-jurisdiction explorer and developer, with a large portfolio of critical & strategic metal assets in Morocco and Rwanda with the opportunity for investors to gain upside exposure to multiple discoveries.

We also hold a Metal Trading Licence in Rwanda for the “buy-in” of additional metal, and selling on the international market for improved price margins and by-product credits.

We currently hold:

  • 15 Cu-Ag (+poly-metallic) projects in Morocco, and
  • 3 Ta-Nb-Sn projects in Rwanda.

We are targeting critical & strategic metals that are considered key in combatting climate change and form a vital part of delivering Europe’s “Green Deal”.

In Rwanda we are developing a small–scale Ta-Nb-Sn mine and installing a gravity separation processing plant. This is being commissioned and optimised. Our overall objective & strategy is to self-fund exploration and asset development across the Group from multiple revenue centers.