Technology Metals - The
Value Proposition

In Rwanda, Aterian holds the rights to over 3,000 hectares of prospective ground for critical & strategic metals.

Aterian intends to generate growth through:

  • Exploration and development of Rwandan assets
  • M & A deal flow and licence ownership
  • Entering partnerships with existing small-scale producing and near-production assets
  • We have secured a metal Trading Licence, to facilitate buy-in opportunities, for improved pricing and by-product credits 

the republic of Rwanda


  • One of the world’s largest producers of the 3T’s : Tantalum, Tin & Tungsten.
  • New mining code implementing a regulatory framework to attract foreign investment.
  • Voted 2020 Top Regional Mining Location due to its stability and investor friendliness ( – August 2020).
  • All mineral exports are traceable through an international tagging system.
  • Our Trading Licence will allow for buy-in opportunities and better offshore pricing and by-product credits.
  • Tantalum has essential uses in many electronics, with rapidly growing demand driven by the uptake of EVs and mobile devices using Ta-Nb capacitors
  • Recent results indicate Rwanda is potentially a new Lithium province hosted in the unweathered part of LCT pegmatites.

Southern Rwanda


  • Aterian holds a 70% shareholding in the Kinunga Mining Ltd Joint Venture, which holds the HCK licence.
  • Rio Tinto JV earn-in agreement for a 75% interest in the licence.
  • 2,750-hectare exploration licence – highly prospective for lithium-bearing rare metal pegmatites.
  • 19 individual pegmatite zones identified on the project, with the HCK-1 target considered evaluation ready.
  • HCK-1: c.2,500 m strike length, up to c.100 m wide in places, sub-vertically dipping pegmatite zone along a prominent ridgeline.
Aterian plc - Groundworks
Musasa Project : heavy mineral separation
Musasa Project : artisanal workings and pegmatite

Western Rwanda


  • 85% interest in JV with the Kuaka Cooperative.
  • Located in western Rwanda with +200 artisanal workings, several extending to depths of +80 m.
  • No previous mechanical mining or modern processing on the project.
  • Pegmatite-hosted tantalite-niobium mineralisation.
  • Five target zones identified on the project.
  • Four of these zones are untested; including the “Kassava” pegmatite (450 m strike x 30 m wide on surface). 
  • New exploration licence application pending.
Aterian plc - Future Acquisitions
Eastinco Mining - Change of Appointments
Aterian plc - Projects: Black Tantalum Bearing Minerals
Aterian plc - Vista

Southern Rwanda

Dynasty Project

  • Holding a 50% interest over a 400-hectare exploration licence.
  • Immediately adjacent to the HCK JV Licence.
  • Four key zones of tantalum-bearing pegmatite identified.
  • Potential for multiple mineralised systems of rare metal-hosting pegmatite.
  • Multiple additional targets/anomalies identified for follow-up.
Aterian plc - Bore Holes
Huye : geological mapping

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