The AZRAR Project


The AZRAR Project

The AZRAR Project

  • Project consists of 8 licences covering 99.3 km2.
  • The Azrar Project is situated in the western Anti-Atlas Mountains, 155 km southeast of the port city of Agadir and 45 km southeast of the Tizert copper mine, which is operated by Managem Group.
  • The western Anti-Atlas is dominated by Palaeoproterozoic to Neoproterozoic age inliers overlain unconformably by Cambrian to recent sedimentary and volcanic sequences.
  • The Lower Cambrian Adoudounian Formation comprises sediments known to host significant sedimentary copper deposits in the Western and Central Anti-Atlas, including the Tizert mine.
  • The Tizert copper deposit is considered the largest copper deposit in the western Anti-Atlas, with resources estimated to be 57 Mt grading 1.03 % Cu and 23 g/t Ag.
ATN Aug 2023 Anti Atlas Cu low res
Azrar (Jan 2024) - Aterian PLC

AZRAR : Reported Highlights

The AZRAR Project


  • Latest sampling reports up to 4.01 % copper and 26.9 g/t silver from the sedimentary-hosted copper target.
  • Continued copper mineralisation has been identified within previously mapped Adoudouian sediments, with additional mineralised quartz veins and fault-related breccia zones discovered on the new licences. Quartz vein zones on the new licence areas have gold (“Au”) as a by-product and report 1.19 % Cu, 0.50 g/t Au and 1.22 % Cu, 0.33 g/t Au.
  • The project is located in central Morocco within the western Anti-Atlas, a region considered highly prospective for sedimentary hosted copper mineralisation. Several historical workings have been mapped on the recently awarded licence areas. The project lies 45 km east of Managem’s Tizert Copper-Silver development project and 30 km north of the Company’s Tata sedimentary-hosted copper project. Project located close to good infrastructure. The Company holds 17 highly prospective projects in Morocco, totalling 897 km2.

Prospective green metal portfolio

Morocco Portfolio

Primarily targeting Copper – Silver, in addition to Au, Sn, Zn & Pb

  • Projects are located mainly in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, as well as the High Atlas and Central Morocco.
  • The Anti-Atlas is highly prospective for sedimentary-hosted copper.
  • Tata Project: up to 7.02 % Cu from sediments, over 25 km of mineralised strike
  • Jebilet Est Project: up to 4.43 % Cu from quartz-carbonate vein swarm
  • Izougza Project: initial assay grades up to 8.37 % Cu in breccia
  • Jafra Project: up to 170 g/t Ag and 22.2 % Pb from quartz veins and fault beccias

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