Aterian seeks to support ethical and sustainable supply chains by developing its portfolio of critical and strategic mineral resources to into production assets.

Aterian aims to develop its portfolio of critical and strategic mineral resources in Morocco and Rwanda to create value for the Company and its shareholders. At the same time, Aterian is seeking M & A opportunities across Africa to grow its portfolio of strategic and critical metal assets with exploration, development, production and trading potential.

Critical and strategic metals are those considered strategically essential to the economy, where any supply disruption may have a significant impact on the production of important end products such as alloys, EV batteries, IT equipment, etc. The renewable energy, automotive and electronic manufacturing sectors are driving the requirement to develop and build secure supply chains for these key metals.

We acquired Eastinco Limited, a 100% owned Rwandan based subsidiary exploration, development and trading company committed to a sustainable business model in 2019. More recently in late 2022, we acquired Aterian Resources Limited, a holding company of battery metal assets in Morocco.

Aterian has a clear development programme to maximise value from its multi-commodity portfolio in Morocco and Rwanda. Our long-term aim is to develop and operate multiple mining operations around the world.


  • Exploration and asset development to de-risk project portfolio.
  • Technical, operational, commercial experience of the Board and management.
  • Targeted M & A activity where we can add value to targets.
  • An integrated offer including exploration, development, production and trading.
Aterian plc - Heavy Equipment
Aterian plc - CLOSE UP Copper


  • Targets valuable projects screened out by larger industry operators.
  • Political regimes in Morocco and Rwanda both supportive of mining sector, with benign regulatory approach.
  • Portfolio approach enables Company to diversify and manage allocation of operational and financial resources and reduce risk.
  • As demand for critical and strategic metals increases, Aterian will be in a position to offer a source of guaranteed supply.
  • In-country technical and operating expertise that compliments capabilities of senior team